All-in-one No-code Optimization Platform

All-in-one No-code Optimization Platform

Starting Point

Online businesses today face a significant challenge: providing personalized shopping experiences for each customer. As a participant in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, we've recognized the need for tools that make this process easier and more efficient.

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Empowering Businesses, Engaging Customers

The mission was clear: to create a platform enabling businesses to build personalized shopping experiences swiftly. Leveraging AI & machine learning, we intended to provide insightful customer behavior analysis, catering to each customer individually and effectively boosting conversions.

Editor structure
Dashboard structure
Experience dashboard structure

Crafting a Space for Creativity & Control

The interface for was designed to offer users a perfect combination of control and real-time visual feedback. The left side of the screen displays users' websites, which can be effortlessly switched between mobile and desktop views. Comprehensive understanding of their digital landscape.

Editor side

A toolbox of actions and modifications awaits on the right, empowering users to select and apply changes that suit their business strategy best. In this design, every alteration made on the right instantly mirrors on the left, offering a live preview of the site's transformation.

Site / Visual side

But this didn't stop there. Understanding that only some users would know where to start, we incorporated an intelligent recommendation system. This system, powered by your website's data, suggests potential improvements tailored to your unique needs.

In the design of, I aimed to create more than a tool—it's a sandbox. A space where creativity thrives and evolves, engaging audiences and growing businesses, one design decision at a time.

Building an Intuitive Tool

Our interface is simple and easy to use, even if you have yet to gain experience with coding or technical knowledge. We integrated several vital features, each meticulously crafted to empower businesses to optimize their storefronts:

Creating an experience

✦ Sale Boosters

These are strategic tools designed to drive sales by attracting, engaging, and converting customers. They amplify marketing efforts and intensify customer interaction with your products.

For example, one of the sale booster features

sale booster features

✦ Content Blocks

Providing customizable web page sections allows businesses to tweak the layout according to their needs and aesthetics, giving them control over the storefront's look and feel.

For example, one of the content block features

Text feature + ai

✦ Product Recommendations

At the heart of lies our Machine learning, which analyzes customer behavior and preferences meticulously. This feature offers product suggestions tailored to each individual, enhancing the customer's shopping experience and significantly increasing the chances of sales.

For example, one of the product recommendations features

✦ Product Upsells

This feature prompts customers towards higher-value items or add-ons strategically. It's not just about selling more; it's about adding value to customers' shopping carts, thereby increasing the average order value.

For example, one of the product upsells features.

Cart upsells

✦ Post-Purchase Engagement

We've incorporated strategies to foster customer loyalty post-purchase. This tool encourages repeat purchases, turning one-time customers into loyal patrons.

Post-purchase on the thank you page

✦ Fake Click

This unique feature empowers businesses to create customized and intelligent experiences. It simulates user clicks, subtly guiding customer interaction and journey across the website.


Fake click in action

✦ Code Block

We still remember our tech-savvy users. For those with coding knowledge, we've provided an option to use custom code for further customization, giving them an even greater degree of control over website design and interaction.

Effortless Customization

Customizing the visual features is easy and only requires a few clicks to match your brand or personal style, giving the business a unique and personalized look.

Mastering Personalization

With our Segmentation tools, businesses can swiftly group customers into targeted segments, enabling them to personalize each online store aspect. This user-friendly tool enhances engagement by delivering a uniquely tailored shopping experience, thus increasing conversions.

Audience bar
Choose audience
Build a custom audience

A/B Testing: Smarter Decisions Made Easy

Every modification made through is an opportunity for growth. Our built-in A/B testing tool allows users to assess the impact of every addition or alteration. Clients can effortlessly experiment with different audience segments, testing the effect of each change. The best part? It's all code-free and visual, making data-driven decision-making accessible to all.

Choosing primarily goal

The Pulse of Your Business

A crucial feature in the design of is the 'Smart Dashboard.' we wanted to create a central hub where business owners could gain insights into their site's performance. This dashboard displays a real-time overview of all the experiences made, which are under testing, and, crucially, how well each performs.

The main experience dashboard list

This feature provides tangible, easy-to-understand metrics. Business owners can see the direct impact each experience has on their bottom line by viewing increases in revenue and assist revenue. This data-driven perspective allows for informed decision-making, continually optimizing and driving growth.

Experience page

And the most important thing here is to present the data in the simplest way possible without getting involved in unnecessary calculations.

Reports page

Democratizing E-commerce

With, businesses of all sizes could effortlessly create engaging, personalized shopping experiences, leading to maximized conversions and revenue. The platform quickly became a critical tool for Shopify users, positioning us as a game-changer in e-commerce.


A New Era in E-commerce

As part of the team, I take immense pride in our impact. We've revolutionized e-commerce experiences, and our journey to expanding to headless platforms marks the start of a new chapter.



Building was a lesson in the power of accessibility and simplicity in technology. It reaffirmed that innovative solutions are born from understanding users' needs and that complex technology can be harnessed to create user-friendly tools that revolutionize industries.

✦ Understand Your Customers: The key to personalization is understanding your customer's behavior and preferences.

✦ Keep it simple:'s strength lies in its simple, easy-to-use design.

✦ Iterate and Improve: The process of development is continual. Even after launching, we continually update and improve our platform based on user feedback and needs.

✦ Broaden Your Scope: Even though we initially designed for Shopify, we recognized the potential for expansion and are working to make it compatible with headless systems.

✦ Customization Matters: Offering users the ability to customize their experiences for customers and the tools they use dramatically improves the platform's value. This is evidenced by the success of our "Fake Click" and "Code Block" features.

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