We often wait for inspiration, no matter what we are doing or where we are going. However, waiting for it can be challenging, and the longer we wait, the more disappointed we may become.

I used to believe that ideas just fell from the sky. That I will do nothing, and suddenly, the light bulb will turn on like in the movies, and suddenly, I will have a completely original idea that has never been thought of before! And sometimes, I still do it like I only know a little better nearly a decade and a half into my creative career. But the reality is far from a caricature; Reality is practical.

Ideas don't just appear out of nowhere. They're a delightful mishmash of everything we've seen, heard, read, and experienced. We look at the world, fall in love, internalize parts of specific works, mix them with our experiences and perspectives, and create something new.

But wait, isn't that stealing? Well, not really. Here's the deal: if that only influences you and means getting inspired by the idea, style, or concept, it's OK because it fuels your creativity; you don't copy. You get inspired.

Here are some things I try to implement myself:

Absorb Everything: Be a Sponge. Read widely, listen to different kinds of music, watch films from various genres, and explore art from different periods. The more you expose yourself to, the richer your creative palette will be.

Make Connections: Ideas are like jigsaw puzzle pieces. You've got to fit them together to make a complete picture. Look for connections between different things you've absorbed. You'd be surprised how a classical music piece might inspire a graphic design, or a sci-fi novel might spark an idea for a lifestyle blog.

Do Your Thing:

  1. Don't just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike.
  2. Get your hands dirty.
  3. Start creating. You can't steer a parked car, right?

The same applies to creativity. Once you start making, you can guide your work in your desired direction.

Respect the Source: If someone's work heavily influences you, acknowledge it. It's not only ethical but also shows your appreciation for their creativity. Besides, it adds an exciting layer to your work when people know what inspired it.

Make It Yours: Take the idea that inspired you and make it your own. Add your own experiences, insights, and style to it. The result will be something uniquely yours, even if the spark of inspiration came from someone else's work.

Stay Open and Curious: Luck and inspiration favor the prepared mind. Stay open to ideas, stay curious about the world, and you'll find that inspiration comes to you more easily.

Remember, every idea you've ever had is a blend of things you've absorbed throughout your life. Embrace that. Let the world inspire you. Let other works fuel your creativity. But always, always add your unique touch to it. Until next time, keep creating, exploring, and being uniquely you!

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