Welcome to Creative Trit – your design, creativity, and productivity hub! I'm Gadi Gila, the face behind this endeavor. With an 8-year strong experience as a Product Design Leader in the global eCommerce market, I aim to share my wealth of knowledge, insights, and stories from the trenches of design and innovation.

Launched in 2023, Creative Trit sets out to be an independent, hands-on resource for design enthusiasts. We don't chase trends; we embrace authenticity and real-world experiences. This self-funded blog keeps the content genuine and free from commercial bias.

What can you expect here? Weekly digests brimming with creativity-boosting resources, insights, and tools to enhance productivity, curated personally by me. Besides, I'll share articles, lessons from design and tech realms, and insights from intriguing conversations with other industry professionals.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or via email if you have any questions, ideas for collaborations, or want to chat about design. If you enjoy our content and want to show some support, consider buying me a coffee ☕️.

Welcome aboard the Creative Trit journey. Let's make creativity flourish together!

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