Seeing the Challenge:

Finding the perfect pair can be daunting in the vast ocean of eyewear choices. GlassesUSA, a leading online eyewear retailer, acknowledged this challenge and embarked on a mission to streamline the frame selection process for its customers.

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A Clearer View:

The aim was to design an intuitive, engaging quiz to guide customers to the perfect pair of glasses tailored to their preferences and face shape. The underlying purpose was to alleviate decision fatigue, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster a positive shopping experience.


The first step was dismantling the traditional frame-selection process and building a new one from the ground up. We devised an intelligent quiz that asked users pertinent questions about their face shape, color preferences, and style likes and dislikes.

We then utilized this information to filter and shortlist suitable frame options. Each question answered brought users closer to their perfect match, making the process feel more like a personal shopping assistant rather than a simple search filter.

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Right Match, Happy Customers:

The result was a personalized frame-selection process that made shopping for glasses an engaging and satisfying experience. By offering customized suggestions, GlassesUSA saw an increase in customer satisfaction and engagement, driving higher conversion rates and improved customer loyalty.

The Benefits of a Good Quiz

👉🏻 Tailored Recommendations

👉🏻 Visual Representation

👉🏻 Confidence in Purchase Decisions

👉🏻 Time and Cost Savings

👉🏻 Personal Style Expression

👉🏻 Increased Customer Satisfaction


GlassesUSA's intuitive quiz exemplifies the power of personalization in e-commerce. By understanding and catering to individual customer preferences, businesses can create a unique shopping experience that drives conversions and fosters customer loyalty. This case study serves as a valuable lesson in enhancing the user experience - personalization is essential, and with the right approach, it can transform the customer journey.

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