Unfolding the Vision

In an era defined by digital interaction, I had the opportunity to contribute significantly to the GlassesUSA team. Our mission was clear: transform the often daunting task of buying contact lenses online into a seamless and enjoyable experience. We wanted to empower customers to discover their perfect lenses swiftly and accurately, minimizing stress and maximizing satisfaction. This led us to an innovative solution: implementing a visual product configurator on our website.

Vista plus — GlassesUSA contacts house brand

Behind the Lens

The project started by acknowledging the problem - buying contact lenses online was overwhelming for many customers. They had to sift through countless options and manually input critical data, a time-consuming process and prone to errors.

Tackling the Inefficiencies

To resolve this, we envisioned an interactive tool to guide the customers through the selection and customization process, providing real-time visual feedback to reduce guesswork. Thus, the concept of the optical product configurator was born.

the configurator
the product
New design

The implementation phase was a blend of technical challenge and creative problem-solving. We had to ensure the configurator was user-friendly and intuitive and accurately represented the product with all its customizable options, such as prescription information, diameter, base curve, and quantity.

Always aligned
Configurator states

Seeing the Results

The visual product configurator's introduction profoundly impacted GlassesUSA and its customers. Engagement surged as the interactive tool captivated the customers far more than simple product descriptions. Conversion rates improved due to the configurator's ability to visually illustrate customer choices, increasing their confidence in their decisions.

One of the most rewarding outcomes was the significant reduction in product returns. Customers were now more confident in their purchases, knowing precisely what they were getting. The configurator became an effective tool in our sales arsenal, giving customers a deeper understanding of the product and boosting their trust in the brand.

The new contact lens funnel
Mobile version


The project at GlassesUSA and successfully deploying the configurator was a fulfilling experience. It's gratifying to reflect on our positive impact on the customer experience.

In reflecting on this project, I want to share a few broader tips that might be useful in your endeavors:

❇️ Empathy: Understand your user's pain points before devising a solution. An effective product addresses a real need in the most convenient way possible.

❇️ Embrace Iteration: Be ready to refine your solution based on feedback and changing circumstances. The first version of any product is rarely the final one.

❇️  Collaboration is Key: Cross-functional collaboration fuels innovation and ensures different perspectives are considered. Working closely with various teams - from design to technical - is vital for successful implementation.

❇️  Harness the Power of Visualization: Visual aids can significantly enhance customer engagement and confidence, leading to better sales outcomes. Look for ways to incorporate them into your product.

❇️  Stay Ahead of the Curve: Technology is constantly evolving. To stay relevant, watch emerging trends and technologies and see how they can be applied to enhance your product.

❇️  Keep Learning: Every project is an opportunity to learn something new. Embrace this, and you'll continually grow both personally and professionally.

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