I'll confess something upfront: I used to think working more meant achieving more, but I've learned otherwise.

The more I pushed myself, the more my creativity suffered. I was burnt out, my ideas felt stale, and I ran empty. It took a lot of self-reflection and research to understand that the missing piece in my life was something most of us dismiss - laziness.

So, why should we care about being lazy?

When we're always hustling and bustling, we forget to give our minds a break to freshen up. This downtime is when our brains kick into a mode called the "default mode network," or DMN. In this state, we start making unique connections, which doesn't occur when we're hyper-focused on tasks. This is where those light bulb moments come from.

Speaking of the DMN and its creative power, it brings to mind an interesting anecdote about the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Dali had an unusual technique for stimulating his creativity. He would sit in a chair with a key in his hand, held over a plate. As he drifted into a light sleep, the key would drop onto the plate, waking him up. He'd then use the images from his semi-dream state to inspire his art. Unconventional? Definitely. Effective? Absolutely.

Let's also talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind 'Hamilton.' On holiday, he picked up a biography of Alexander Hamilton. That book inspired his award-winning musical.

So, inspired by these creative geniuses, I embraced laziness and saw where it took me. Here's what I found works:

✦ Daydreaming: My favorite. I allow my mind to wander, to explore ideas without limits, and it's amazing where it can take you.

✦ Sleep: Never underestimate a good night's sleep. I wake up refreshed, my brain buzzing with new ideas.

✦ Art: I take time to engage with various forms of art. It fuels my creativity and serves as a welcome break from work.

✦ Disconnecting: I've set up 'no device' zones and times in my day. It's incredible how free it is to escape from constant notifications and updates.

✦ Solitude: Spending time alone without distractions has given my brain the space to think, reflect, and generate new ideas.

✦ Embracing Boredom: This one may sound strange, but I've found that allowing myself to be bored without reaching for a device or distraction sparks some of my most original ideas. Creativity often blooms in these quiet moments of 'nothingness.'

It's funny. We're often told that doing less means achieving less. But since embracing creative laziness, I've found the opposite true. My ideas are fresher, my work more innovative, and my mind healthier.

So, the next time you're feeling stuck or uninspired, remember: it's okay to step back, to be 'lazy.' You might find that it leads you to your next big idea.

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